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Middle School Athletics - Info for FAQ's




Middle School Sport Seasons

Fall:                - Begins on the 2nd day of school – runs through end of October

                        - Football typically begins on the 3rd or 4th Monday in August

Winter:          - Begins middle of November runs up to February vacation

                        - Indoor track: begins last week in February – runs through end of March

Spring:           - Begins last week in March/first week in April - runs through end of school



• 5 days a week - Monday through Friday - no weekend commitment

• Football plays games on Saturday mornings

• Practices are usually 1.5 hours long

• Fall & spring practices run from either 2:30-4:00 or 3:00-4:30

• Lacrosse and Field Hockey practices run from 3:45-5:15

• Winter practices are staggered: 1st practice starts at 2:30, the last practice starts at 4:30

• All practices are currently held on campus at FMS

      Exceptions:   - football practices at Pownal Elm School and plays games at the high school turf

                              - alpine & nordic skiing practices occur at off site ski venues

                              - spring track occurs at the Freeport High School

                              - lacrosse: several practices will be scheduled for Hunter Road (4:00-5:30)

                              - students will be bused to all off campus practice sites

                              - parent pick up after practice is at the off site practice facility as well


• All home games are played on campus at FMS

            - Football: games at played on the turf at the high school - games are scheduled for Saturdays

            - Outdoor track: practices and home meets at the high school

            - Indoor track: meets held at the Portland Expo

• 8th grade teams always play first, 7th grade teams play second

            - There may be an occasional exception to this order

• The usual start times are:  8th grade 3:30 / 7th grade 4:30 or 4:45

            - 7th grade games usually begin 5 minutes after conclusion of 8th grade game


Sixth Grade Participation Guidelines

Sixth graders may play on the seventh grade teams and A teams only if there are not enough seventh graders to field a complete team. Sixth graders do not try out with the 7th and 8th graders, but may be asked to try out after the total number of participants has been determined. For a more complete explanation of the sixth grade opportunities, please use the link provided below where you will find the Sixth Grade Participation Guidelines.


Athletic Offerings

FALL                                                   WINTER                                               SPRING                      

8th Grade Soccer (B&G)                        8th Grade Basketball (B&G)                   8th Grade Baseball

7th Grade Soccer (B&G)                        7th Grade Basketball (B&G)                   7th Grade Baseball

8th Grade Field Hockey                         A Team Basketball (B&G)                      8th Grade Softball

7th Grade Field Hockey                         Alpine Skiing (B&G)                                7th Grade Softball

Cross Country (B&G)                            Nordic Skiing (B&G)                               8th Grade Lacrosse (B&G)

Football *                                              Basketball Cheering                              7th Grade Lacrosse (B&G)

                                                                                                                        Track & Field (B&G)(@ FHS)

(* Partially Funded by Booster Groups / Participation Fees May Be Administered)


Equipment That MS Students Need to Provide

Soccer:                       cleats, NOCSAE approved shin guards, practice gear, maroon soccer socks

Field Hockey:            cleats, shin guards (maroon shins or maroon socks to go over), goggles (ASTM), stick, practice gear

Cross Country:          running shoes, practice gear

Football:                    cleats

Basketball:                sneakers, practice gear

Skiing:                        skis, boots, bindings, poles, goggles, alpine helmet, practice gear, winter clothing

Track:                         running shoes, practice gear

Base/Softball:           cleats, glove, hats purchased from school, practice gear

                                    Base Catcher’s Gear: mask and chest protector need to be NOCSAE approved

Boys Lacrosse:          cleats, stick, gloves, shoulder pads, helmet, arm pads, practice gear

                                                      (FMS does have a limited supply of BLax equip that can be signed out)

Girls Lacrosse:          cleats, stick, goggles (ASTM)

(We have basic mouth guards available - by rule, mouth guards must be worn for: soccer, field hockey, football, lacrosse)


Other Items & Links that can be found on the Athletic Website


  • contact information & coaches directory
  • list of sports teams offered
  • athletic announcements & important dates
  • sign up for Notify me! - receive cancellation and postponement notices automatically via text message and/or email
  • athletic handbook parent coach communication guide

sportsmanship guide for parents

  • other informational links


Craig Sickels                                     Karin Kamm                                    

RSU5 Athletic Administrator         RSU5 Administrative Assistant                

Freeport High School                      Freeport High School                     

865-4706 x222                                 865-4706 x226                                          


Jody Rose, FMS Asst AD

Freeport Middle School




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