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COVID Game Day Protocol - Visiting Team (Lacrosse)

COVID-19 Game Day Protocol - Visiting Team (Lacrosse)



•   It is imperative that all spectators adhere to the Governor’s Executive Orders and the MPA Guidelines that require all spectators maintain 6 feet of social distancing while attending any high school athletic activity.

•   All parents/spectators are expected to maintain the required 6 feet of social distancing at all times during the duration of the game and while you are “in and around” the facility.

•   Spectators are encouraged to use the colored zip ties across the top of the fence line that indicates 6 feet of social distancing. Zip ties are also affixed to the bleacher’s walkway fence right in front of the bleachers.

•    The bleachers have been marked at 6-foot intervals. Please choose a seat where an “X” marks the spot.

•   Spectators from the same household may sit and stand together.

•   Parents will get 1st priority when entering the fenced in bleacher area. Student will not be let in until just before game time.


- At the conclusion of the contest, parents should exit the facility immediately - do not congregate in the concourse area between the concession stand and the bleachers waiting for your son/daughter to come off the field.

     - Your son/daughter can meet you at your car in the parking lot, or if driving themselves, they will meet you at home.

•   The link to Freeport’s Live Streaming Feed:

     Freeport’s Athletic Webpage ( or

            NFHS Network (


•    All visiting team personnel must complete a self-assessment for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to boarding the bus to Freeport and/or prior to entrance into Freeport’s athletic facilities.

ARRIVAL - Bus Circle and Door #12

•   The visiting bus should enter and remain in the bus circle

•    A visiting coach should make their way up to the facility to confirm with home staff regarding entering, bathrooms, and visiting bench area.

•   Visiting coaches can also call Athletic Administrator, Craig Sickels

•    Once given the OK, visiting coaches and athletes will use hand sanitizer before entering the facility. Athletes will enter onto the track and go directly to a location that is identified with orange discs along the visiting sideline. If there are not enough orange discs for each player, players can use the colored zip ties across the top of the facility’s fence line that indicates 6    feet of social distancing.

•   When the visiting team has more than one team in the facility, the team waiting to play next should use the colored zip ties across the top of the facility’s fence line that indicates 6 feet of social distancing. Players belongings against the fence line may be moved up to the orange discs once the preceding team has vacated the team bench area.

•    Players will keep all their personal belongings at their specific bench location for the duration of the event.  

            - water bottles - backpack - athletic gear - hand sanitizer - extra masks   

•   All student athletes and coaches are expected to maintain the required 6 feet of social distancing whenever possible and wear a face covering 100% of the time.


•    Locker rooms will not be available. Visiting team should arrive in a self-sufficient manner - come in uniforms

•   Bathrooms are located just inside Door #12 as you enter the facility.

•   Visiting team members should bring their own water containers. A “hands free” water jug will be provided


•   Each team has two benches that will sit 6 players social distancing at 6 feet is indicated by colored zip ties. The benches are not a spot for players to put their backpack and belongings.

•   The benches are reserved for players who are frequent subs and for the injured players.

•   The visiting scorekeeper will not be able to sit at the official scorer’s table due to social distancing.


•   Suspend handshakes prior to and following pregame conference. No post game handshakes.

•    No pregame introductions. Send players to the floor for the start of the game


• All visiting team members should receive necessary treatment/taping prior to their arrival

• Freeport’s Athletic Trainer will be available for emergency treatment only



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